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About Cosmo Naturel Products

All our formulas contain a minimum of 95% ingredients of natural origin and are verified by certification bodies such as: Cosmecert and Ecocert.

A certified organic cosmetic meets a precise specification, the COSMOS standard. This covers ingredients, packaging as well as the manufacturing processes used, including their environmental or human health risks. It prohibits using GMO substances, imposes a minimum % for ingredients of organic origin, prohibits certain plastics and encourages the use of recyclable packaging materials. Our business and products are audited each year to ensure they meet the COSMOS standard criteria.

All Cosmo Naturel hygiene products are certified organic.

Cosmo Naturel products are not tested on animals, this was already the case prior to the introduction of the current European cosmetic regulation prohibiting testing on animals for cosmetics and their ingredients since 2004.

In conformance with the requirements of the Cosmebio charter, certified by the Ecocert or Cosmecert body, Cosmo Naturel products and their ingredients have never been tested on animals during their development, formulation or manufacturing.

Most of our formulas are vegan and we work with a very limited number of ingredients of animal origin: products from the beehive, donkey milk. Please see the list of ingredients noted on the products or on the product page on our website.

All Cosmo Naturel hygiene products are developed, formulated and packaged in our laboratory in Lussan in Occitanie within a Natura 2000 area. In the midst of nature, this building meets the requirements of the “HQE” High Environmental Quality standard, guaranteeing the control of external impacts.

Yes, our products are subject to a safety inspection by our Doctor of Pharmacy cosmetovigilance specialist.

Products containing essential oils are not recommended for children under 6 years of age. Our products are for use by adults (from 12 years of age). Apart from the baby range - specially developed and assessed for use with babies.

Our products are included on the Yuka, Inci Beauty, Mireille apps and many other cosmetic applications which enable analysis of formulas.

You can find our products in specialist organic shops and partner websites.

For more details, depending on your area, you can contact our laboratory at this email address: contact@labogravier.com or view our store locator.

Yes, the PAO (Period After Opening) is indicated on our packs: this is the logo on the labelling, representing an open tub, with a number followed by an M. If this says 6M, this means using the product more than 6 months after opening is not recommended. 

Certain products identified as low risk (such as soaps or solids) may not note the PAO: they can therefore be used for an unlimited time with no risk. 

Collaborate with Cosmo Naturel

For any request for collaboration with the Cosmo Naturel brand, please contact us here

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FIind out more about essential oils used in products

All ingredients in our products, and the products themselves are subject to a rigorous evaluation of their regulatory conformance and safety to ensure product safety. Nevertheless, as essential oils are very powerful complex natural compounds, intolerance is always possible, and related to individual sensitivity. We recommend you read the product labelling and composition carefully.

We do not recommend use of our products by pregnant or breastfeeding women. For any questions about use of cosmetic products during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding, we recommend contacting your doctor.

Generally, and for reasons of caution, essential oils are not recommended for use by children.

Our products containing essential oils are therefore reserved for adult use (from 12 years of age).

Our baby range, specially developed and evaluated for babies, does not contain any essential oils.

Find out more about products packaging

At Cosmo Naturel, 97% of our packaging is recyclable. We are permanently innovating and working with our suppliers to achieve 100% recyclable packaging. 

Over the last several years, we have created zero waste solid products, and to date we have the largest range which is certified organic and 100% of natural origin. 

Find out more about the hygiene range

Foam provides a good sensory experience, but is not an indication of efficacy. So we can stay true to our beliefs, foaming ability is not one of our development criteria for our formulations. We prioritise the efficacy and naturalness of products.

When you are dealing with a product based on natural ingredients, the scent notes of floral waters and essential oils and colours may vary between one harvest and another. Our laboratory chooses to work with non-synthetic ingredients even though that entails some variability, notably with respect to scent and colour.

The smell of our products comes from ingredients of natural origin, these may be essential oils, floral waters or scent of natural origin. The product scent may seem different to that of scent containing synthetic ingredients.  

Our products, apart from the baby range specially developed and evaluated for use with babies and children, are for use by adults from 12 years of age.

Our products, which have high concentrations of actives and which are formulated with high quality raw materials of natural origin, contain non-ethoxylated surfactants. 

In winter, during transport or storage in unheated areas, whitening and freezing of the products is possible. This change has no effect whatsoever on the product’s qualities or efficacy. The frozen appearance may not look the same between one bottle and another. When exposed to a heat source, the product returns to its liquid state. 

Why do we use a non-ethoxylated surfactant? Ethoxylation is a transformation process requiring ethylene oxide which is not included in our laboratory specification. 

The hair transition can cause a “withdrawal” effect, that is, the hair may sometimes become duller and not like it used to be. Don’t panic! You’re on the right track! This is completely normal, as the shining and coating effect of silicones (bad for the hair) has disappeared.

How long this period lasts depends on the nature of the hair, which is different for everyone, and whether it is very damaged (it usually lasts around 1 month), but it is worth it. Afterwards, the hair’s true nature is revealed: it becomes soft, shiny and light.

After washing the scalp with shampoo, we are often used to making a lather with the product all over the hair. Rubbing the hair lengths and tips risks damaging it long term, therefore this is not recommended.

The lather from the shampoo will occur naturally and delicately wash all the hair during rinsing.

Find out more about the solids range

For all solid products, we strongly recommend storing the products in a dry place on a stand with a drip tray. 

This will allow the solid product to dry between each use and to keep it for longer. 

Our solids have different colours and shapes to enable telling them apart. The difference in colour is slight because we do not use chemical products in our formulas of 100% natural origin. We recommend using soap dishes to tell them apart. 

A solid cosmetic is more ecological, more economical and produces less waste. Using one enables limiting water consumption as well as no longer using plastic.

Our Cosmo Naturel solids can be transported in their original packaging, in a vanity case, a soap dish or a cloth bag.

It is advised to moisten the product under hot water then rub it directly on your hair.

You can also rub the product in your hands then apply it to the lengths. Allow to sit for 5 minutes then rinse with copious clean water. Store in a dry place after every use.

Our product is different from shampoo, it conditions the hair and makes it shine.

Our extra gentle solid conditioner of 45g is equivalent to 1 and a half bottles of after shampoo conditioner, that is 300ml. Duration of use depends on frequency of hair washing, as well as hair type and length. 

Storing in a dry place after every use also enables prolonging its use.

Solid products may seem more expensive than other products but they are actually more economical. A solid shampoo has a higher concentration of active cleansing agents, equivalent to 2 bottles of 200 ml of classic shampoo!

The right solid shampoo for your hair type must be selected to ensure the best response for your hair requirements. Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice. It is equally important to use hair care products after using shampoo as the two types of product do not have the same use. 

Cosmo Naturel has developed formulas of natural origin to obtain solid shampoo which can work for all types of hair. For optimal efficiency, we have created a range of 9 solid shampoos with specific properties to meet all your needs (dry hair, greasy hair, antidandruff, extra gentle, coloured hair, normal hair, etc.).

For bleached blonde hair, we recommend using blonde hair solid shampoo. The camomile in the product enables brightening of the blonde colour, and the other actives protect the fragile hair from dehydration and improve the strength, softness and shine. 

We recommend using an after shampoo conditioner or balm so that it is smoother and easier to detangle your hair but this may vary depending on your needs and hair type. 

Our extra gentle solid conditioner is more economical than a classic after shampoo, a small amount of product is enough to enable easy detangling of your hair.

We do not recommend products containing essential oils for children under 12 years of age. We recommend Ce'Bio brand tube toothpaste which has been specially created for children.

Fluoride must be used with moderation. This is why, at Cosmo Naturel, we have chosen to offer you fluoride-free toothpaste, 100% of natural origin, with plant actives from organic agriculture which respects the environment. With regular brushing, your teeth will be well protected.

Our deodorants do not block perspiration because they are not antiperspirants. They fight body odour related to perspiration while caring for the delicate skin of your underarms.

Apply a small amount of cream with your finger. Massage until the cream is fully absorbed.

Our intimate hygiene solids, rose and calendula, 85g, have a physiologic pH. They have actually been formulated specifically for hygiene of intimate regions. 

Do you know ?

A solid cosmetic is small in size, naturally has no preservatives due to the low water content of its formula, is easy to transport, and has longer storage time due to its composition, contrary to a classic cosmetic.

At first glance they seem the same, but they are very different. As opposed to soap, solid shower gel does not contain a soap base or fatty acid salts. It is comprised of the same ingredients as liquid shower gel, but more concentrated, because, compared to liquid shower gel, it contains very little water. 

The roles of a deodorant and an antiperspirant are completely different. Our solid deodorants mask bad smells while respecting the natural process of perspiration. While an antiperspirant blocks perspiration.